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You are the Y, Lafayette!
In Lafayette, we celebrate our unique lifestyle and our zest for enjoying the moment. This is evident in our many festivals, music, food, importance of family and how we all love a reason to ...
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Let’s Grow Together In Freetown
WHO WE ARE? Home to many artists, musicians and students, Freetown-Port Rico is a diverse and historical working-class neighborhood located adjacent to Downtown Lafayette and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The Freetown-Port Rico ...
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A Pollution Solution: Storm Drain Decals
About The Project The Girl Scout law requires us to use resources wisely and make the world a better place. Girl Scout Troop 400 is working with Project Front Yard and Recover Acadiana as ...
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Victory Garden
Welcome to Victory The idea for Victory Garden first originated from TownFolk’s desire to carry on Jillian Johnson’s legacy. Now, it seems that the universe has aligned many good people with meaningful ideas and ...
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Hydrate Lafayette: Drinking Water Fountains
Who Are We? We are nothing more than citizens of our community. We’re not an organization, support group or committee. Rather, we’re just a couple of guys who thought of an idea, and came ...
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Better Block Four Corners
Locally known as Four Corners, the Intersection of University Ave with Cameron Street (US HWY 90) in Lafayette, LA, was once a thriving cultural and economic hub. Prior to the Oil boom of the ...
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Light Up Oaklawn Park
What We Want? We want to hang lights in Oaklawn Park for the holidays! To those who live around or frequent Oaklawn Park, we’ve received clearance from Parks and Recreation to hang lights along ...
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Farmer’s Market Needs Sound
Who Are We? The Market at the Horse Farm is a destination for local farmers selling their agricultural products, local artisans selling their wares, and value-added food vendors offering local specialty food and drink, thereby ...
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