civicside Founder Delivers TEDx Talk

civicside founder, Butch Roussel, delivers his TEDx talk titled: How to release your inner citizen… In 48 hours. He discusses the basis for the 48 Hour Citizen Project, and why it’s relevant in communities. The talk follows the evolution of his desire to install water fountains along his running route to becoming founder of, a […]

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The 48Hour Citizen Project

Note: This blog post was generated prior to changing the name to our event to be… The 24 Hour Citizen Project. There comes a point in every organization’s life cycle, where they must step back and evaluate past experiences from a thousand foot view. Where there is failure, there is learned experiences. And where there […]

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The Evolution of civicside

This summer marks the one year anniversary of civicside’s launch. It feels like yesterday we were sitting down with community leaders and citizens vetting the idea and wondering if the vision was too ambitious or a feasible concept for the community to rally behind. We cautiously launched in collaboration with the downtown development authority. And […]

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